Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yet Another Earthquake at Yellowstone, and Swarm in Arkansas

We are experiencing some very interesting ground activity this year. The past few months, the state of Arkansas has been having an odd swarm of small and moderate earthquakes. Within a day, there had been seventeen EQ's, and two of them were certainly felt.

Do you remember the mass bird and fish die offs earlier this year and around Christmas? I blogged at that time my notion that it's a good idea to send researchers into the area of the die offs and the quake swarms and measure the Co2 levels. They should do some GPS measurements of ground movement and for possible swelling. The survey should be set up to determine if this activity is related to a possible magma chamber, as magma indeed can send into the air deadly gases that could have killed the birds.

Like I said in an earlier blog entry, the general area where these events happened are just south of an old rift zone, the New Madrid system. The New Madrid system to the north has in the past kicked off some severe earthquakes. The New Madrid is an area of crustal spreading.

I'd like make a note of another key topic. This topic, and some of the things I said has kicked off some vigorous debate, and I don't mind running the risk of pointing out the oddities of some small earthquakes detected by some seismograms and then erased off the USGS map. Let's take a look again at a USGS map of the Yellowstone Park, and yet again a poorly constrained earthquake that was taken off the map within several minutes. I caught this during the wee hours this morning.

Check out these two maps of the Yellowstone Park, and you'll see a red square by Yellowstone Lake and then in the next map, minutes late, it is gone! The red square is supposed to symbolize an earthquake, and this one is a 3.8 mag earthquake taken off the map.

I have some people telling me that this is all about a technical glitch, and that very may be the case. Some others say it's a cover up to keep people from panicking during these unstable times of upheavals and global anti government fury.

All I care to do today and for some time in the future - is to share what I see, observe, read and hear.

Here is the arkansas link about earthquakes, and please compare the two maps of Yellowstone above.


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