Monday, February 28, 2011

4.7 mag Earthquake Hits Arkansas

Map Centered at 35°N, 93°W

This has just been two earthquakes on this day, Feb. 28, 2011 - in the same spot in Arkansas where we have seen an odd swarm. The swarm has been very exact in it's location, with no earthquakes outside a small area. I have mentioned this swarm of earthquakes much in this blog. This morning, a 4.7 happened, and in my opinion, this seems a bit strong for any quake caused by local gas drilling. But that is just my opinion. But because these quakes are not scattered or along a line, I tend to wave off a seismic explaination, unless of course, it's related to the New Madrid rift far to the north. Whatever is going on, the ground does want to do something, and there is obviously a lot of stresses and pressure demanding earth movement of some kind in the area.

Friday, February 25, 2011

More Yellowstone Light Earthquakes

We had a pair of small earthquakes at Yellowstone today, and on this map, the one on the right is centered at one of the two lava domes in the area. There seems to be some steady and light activity in the Yellowstone area, and I am still watching this one.

Watching the rescues and the sadder stories in Christchurch, New Zealand is touching for me. It's a reminder that those of us that live in areas of seismic activity should always be prepared with two weeks of water per person in the household and some non-perishable foods.

This weekend parts of the Los Angeles area may see snow at very low levels, as low as 1000 feet MSL. and perhaps even down to 500 feet. Very unusual for us SoCal folks!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Earthquake Swarm Continues

Arkansas Still Having Odd Earthquake Swarm

The earthquake in Arkansas still continues, and within the hour of this writing, there was yet another small earthquake. These earthquakes are not scattered over a large area at all, but are very pinpointed in a very specific location. You can see that when looking at the map. It is still a mystery on the nature and cause of the these numerous earthquakes, but researchers have not come to an agreement and conclusion. They may not have an agreement on the cause, but there is a controversy still buzzing, where some claim that local drilling for gas is the cause. That will likely be debated for some time.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Emergency People Finder for Christchurch and Other News and Links


Other links for the curious:

Here are some interesting links about earthquakes, including a cool map of the earthquakes that have happened in and around Christchurch, New Zealand, even before today's deadly 6.3 mag quake. This map in interesting to watch. Check it out! Make sure you check the box to view the fault that is causing all this shaking. Before the Sept 2010 main quake, this fault was unknown!

Here is a good article in the LA Times that compares LA's earthquake experiences and that of Christchurch. It explains the passive building codes, and the nearness of the epicenter of the the quake in Christchurch as factors on why it was so deadly. I suggest reading it.

Also here is an App called Tectonic that lets you see recent earthquakes throughout the world with a 3D interactive globe display. It has many options and helps you understand and visualize how quakes happen along tectonic plate boundries.

These tools are great to use in the classroom or during homework sessions. It also is helpful for those wanting to monitor earthquakes in a new way.

Looking at the Christchurch earthquake footage on CNN, I am now thinking about what someone should do during an earthquake. I'm sure there will debate among public safety and emergency experts on whether one should run outside their building or should duck and over under heavy strong furniture. In the footage, you see people running and stumbling over rubble, as yet more debris falls from overhead. It's very eye opening footage.

Also, we're having some micro-quakes at the Salton Buttes volcano, my local volcano.

California-Nevada Fault Map centered at 33°N,115°W

Monday, February 21, 2011

California Earthquake Swarm and Christchurch New Zealand Quake

Six hours ago, Christchurch New Zealand experienced a deadly earthquake, with the death toll at this point at about 63. The number is bound to change sadly, for the earthquake happened just hours ago. Many significant buildings are in ruins. This earthquake is considered by the USGS at this time as an aftershock to a previous and much larger earthquake. It seems to me that the buildings collapse might have been due to the fact that they were damaged already - from the stronger previous earthquake.

Also, in Northern California Wine Country, there is an intense swarm of micro quakes near Clear Lake. This is listed by the USGS as an active volcano, and so this is something worth thinking about. Perhaps this is geothermal, with lots of heated water moving about. Whatever it is, it's sure alive.

What a day of some earth activity!

California-Nevada Fault Map centered at 39°N,123°W

Earthquake Swarm at in Arkansas Still Not Understood

There has been quite an earthquake swarm in Arkansas, as I have mentioned before. Still, weeks into it, experts still do not understand why these quakes are happening. Some think that there is a possible correlation between some gas drilling in the area and the quakes, but it's not a sure deal. This article states that these quakes are not linked to the New Madrid system, which, as I have mentioned, is a rift that produces very powerful quakes. I'd like to share the ma below, and you'll even see some micro-quakes north of the Arkansas swarm. those to the north east are centered within the New Madrid system, and the pinpointed spot of several earthquakes in arkansas is to the south west. This is a very interesting map, and I also suggest googling New Madrid Earthquake and you'll learning something amazing.

And just now, I just heard about the 6.3 in Christchurch that did so much damage and killed some people. It happened about five hours ago. It's surprising that a mere 6.3 could cause so much damage. I'm seeing the images now.

Here in the Coachella Valley, I'm feeling subtle small earthquakes.

Map Centered at 37°N, 90°W

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pair of Light Earthqakes at Yellowstone

In just one day, and a day of intense solar flaring and a time when the Sun and the Moon are closest to the Earth, we have been having earthquakes in the usual places, and some no so usual places.

What a day! And here locally, we're having a cold front and rare desert rain, and boy did it come in fast at about three pm. As I type out this blog entry, I'm hearing the sound of rain falling in this dry doggone place. Whew!

Also, here's an article giving one angle to the strange swarm in Arkansas. It mentions the bird and fish die offs!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yet Another Earthquake at Yellowstone, and Swarm in Arkansas

We are experiencing some very interesting ground activity this year. The past few months, the state of Arkansas has been having an odd swarm of small and moderate earthquakes. Within a day, there had been seventeen EQ's, and two of them were certainly felt.

Do you remember the mass bird and fish die offs earlier this year and around Christmas? I blogged at that time my notion that it's a good idea to send researchers into the area of the die offs and the quake swarms and measure the Co2 levels. They should do some GPS measurements of ground movement and for possible swelling. The survey should be set up to determine if this activity is related to a possible magma chamber, as magma indeed can send into the air deadly gases that could have killed the birds.

Like I said in an earlier blog entry, the general area where these events happened are just south of an old rift zone, the New Madrid system. The New Madrid system to the north has in the past kicked off some severe earthquakes. The New Madrid is an area of crustal spreading.

I'd like make a note of another key topic. This topic, and some of the things I said has kicked off some vigorous debate, and I don't mind running the risk of pointing out the oddities of some small earthquakes detected by some seismograms and then erased off the USGS map. Let's take a look again at a USGS map of the Yellowstone Park, and yet again a poorly constrained earthquake that was taken off the map within several minutes. I caught this during the wee hours this morning.

Check out these two maps of the Yellowstone Park, and you'll see a red square by Yellowstone Lake and then in the next map, minutes late, it is gone! The red square is supposed to symbolize an earthquake, and this one is a 3.8 mag earthquake taken off the map.

I have some people telling me that this is all about a technical glitch, and that very may be the case. Some others say it's a cover up to keep people from panicking during these unstable times of upheavals and global anti government fury.

All I care to do today and for some time in the future - is to share what I see, observe, read and hear.

Here is the arkansas link about earthquakes, and please compare the two maps of Yellowstone above.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Salton Buttes Volcano, California Coffee Mug from

Salton Buttes Volcano, California - Coffee Mug from

Here is my latest creation, among many artistic expressions of my geology experience. There are rough edges around the picture as an effect. These are not defects in the printing.

This is one of the active vents at Salton Buttes Volcano, in Imperial County, CA. It is a part of an extensive spreading zone and rift valley. I visited the volcano a week ago, as I often do. Upon this visit, the vents were very active! This picture was taken during that visit.

I do a lot of art inspired by geology and other sciences.

Get this unique cup to join in on the celebration of geology!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Links on Yellowstone: Truth or BS? You Decide.

A few of my friends that are culturally and academically more desciplined than I am, pointed out last night that there may be the possibility of ice and extreme cold, technical glitches or something of the sort that could have caused the deletion of the feb 12 earthquakes at Yellowstone. This could be a very strong possibility, but not the only one.

I am not a leader or teacher like they are, just a simple individual. I'm not without an undergraduate degree, but I'm not in the halls on influence. I have nothing to lose, no tenure, and so I'm simply pointing out something people need to be aware of. Number one, hopefully Big Government is not holding back our scientific information.

Here are some more links concerning what is happening or what is not happening at Yellowstone. There are right now two sides of the picture.

One side states that it's simply non-seimic and a system error, perhaps due to the extreme cold at Yellowstone.

The other side of the story states that indeed there are earthquakes, and that the authorities are suppressing them.

he more information I come across the more possible either side of the story is. It benefits us to keep a sharp eye on the area, and find as many sources of information as possible.

I suggest caution when going on the conspiracy theory and rapture sites. I suggest being profoundly objective on this one. We don't need undue panic, but we do need caution and preparedness.

If this makes little sense, let's put it in a sentence. Be like an alert rabbit, ready to spring for shelter, regardless whether it's a wolf nearby or not.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this is unlikely to blow within a short span of time, for it may blow a hundred thousand years from now or simply next week. We don't know for sure.

There are teams of researchers and scientists that are working very hard to come up with reliable technologies that may someday detect precursors to volcanoes and earthquakes. There have been measurements of IM emissions around volcanos and faults over recent years, but the science community is seeking acute accuracy with these measurements and the technology that gathers them. That is why the science community has not yet drawn a conclusion on geologic precursors.

I do see that technology on the horizon, and we may see some of it applied within ten years or so. Believe me, the researchers are intensely trying to come up with a way to detect big events!

One thing I do ask of Big Government and other authorities, is that if they do wish to censor science, please refrain. Science should be for the public too, not just the leadership.

I also keep in mind that it is so hard these days for a research team to gain budgeting from the government, that they are very cautious on what they say. If a research team shouts wolf, and nothing happens, they run the risk of losing their budget for the next year. Politicians have gotten their grubby hands into science, and it's effecting what is said.

So if a cover up were to happen, I guess I should be understanding to some extent. On Sunday, I was not. I had blurted out that there was a cover up. I'm just a simple normal person with normal reactions to things.

These links are from both legit and paranoid sites, and I include both so that you can make up your own mind on which is bullshit, and which info is good.

Here is a page with a completely shut down seismograph. It's obviously down for repairs or shut off for unknown reasons.


Two Possible Scenarios for Yellowstone: Ice or Real Quakes

Up in honest and non-Elite dominated Utah - in a place where people have basic values and integrity for the most part, the earthquakes at Yellowstone are mentioned. The quakes are even mentioned in the local news at Salt Lake City.

Here are two scenarios I have run into today:

Scenario One: Heavy snow and ice is causing technical difficulties, and the data stream into the University of Utah is messed up.

Scenario Two: There are indeed a scary amount of quakes in Yellowstone, and they are being censored.

Here is a great link. Think for yourself!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Earthquake Swarm at Yellowstone Cover Up!

As a matter of routine, I check every few hours, or whenever I feel shaking , the USGS Recent Earthqukes page. A couple of days ago, during the wee hours, I noticed a little swarm of earthquakes at Yellowstone. A few hours later, I looked back at the same map, the the earthquakes had been removed. That caused me to perk up. And then I noted that in my blog here, and that attracted a comment that there had been a 4.6 and a 3 pointer right after that. Those two earthquakes within the Yellowstone park were also removed.

You can take a look at my previous blogs, over the last couple of weeks and see.

I also noticed a 3 pointer off the shore of LA, at a sea mount between Long Beach and Santa Catalina Island, and that earthquake too vanished from it's map.

I may seem like I'm repeating myself, and indeed I am. The reason is that I want to try as best as I can to inform, and also, I'm asking questions.

Here is some more documentation on the censored science, and the removed earthquakes.

Observations and answers are welcome!

ALERT! YELLOWSTONE earthquake SWARM .. today! February 12, 2011 - Rapture Watch

Myself, personally, am not a proponent of religious talk, such as the rapture. It is not my place to say it's coming or it's not. But within the rapture watching community, there is some good information worth researching. I am hearing though out my small town coffee house buzz and bar buzz about earthquake swarms that the USGS is censoring.

Early on, I've spotted a 3 point plus earthquake in Yellowstone a few days ago, and it was on the USGS map for a short period of time, then vanished from it.

Also, in California, one 3 point mag plus quake between Long Beach and Catalina Island has disappeared off the USGS map, and within my Native American community buzz, one woman claims to have had a dream about a big volcanic event happening in that channel within a couple of weeks. This would obviously be a different event from any Yellowstone event, but does smell of a cover up if the quake is not on the map for long.

Also, I'm hearing a lot on the social networks about a cover up of a quake swarm at Yellowstone with two moderate earthquakes. I'm not drawing any conclusions, but am indeed asking why the cover up on quakes? What purpose does it pose? What's going on geologically and within big government? Are these small quakes and quake swarms precursors or just normal movement? Ask these questions for yourself, and start asking questions and sharing your findings. Stay truthful while you're at it.

Is there anyone near Yellowstone feeling anything. If so, please share it. Let us know. If you do live in the two regions I mentioned, Yellowstone and Long Beach, you can get an app in i Tunes called i Seismo. I've picked up earthquake on it, and it works well. You can even set if up to a webcam and braodcast through Justin tv. Give it try and share here in my comments and in other places.

I do hope someone from the Yellowstone area reads this and does so.

ALERT! YELLOWSTONE earthquake SWARM .. today! February 12, 2011 - Rapture Watch

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Four Micro-quakes this hour at Yellowstone Volcano

Just within this hour there is an interesting series of micro-quakes at the Yellowstone volcano. what caught my eye is that these little tremors form a line. My first question is thus: Is this movement? And if it's movement, is it water or magma? Does the line indeed suggest some sort of movement, or simply a fissure or crack within the rock. Yellow is something to keep an eye on in an objective, yet well aware manner.

Map Centered at 44°N, 111°W

Friday, February 11, 2011

San Andreas Fault near Bombay Beach Mugs from

On Sunday, I made a trip down to the Salton Buttes Volcano, about 20 miles south of Bombay Beach, CA. Just before passing the dusty hamlet of Bombay Beach, I drove past this rock outcropping to the east of Hwy 111. In the outcropping, one can see a distinct line, where the rocks are different from one another. This is the actual fault line! This is a spot along the locked up south section of the fault where some researchers guess that a very strong earthquake could happen. There has not been a large earthquake along this section of the fault for over 300 years! It is adjacent to the Salton though spreading zone, the end of the Mid-Pacific Ridge rift. For geologists and those interested in the science, this is a very interesting place for study and geologic visual delights.

I will post more cool cups and other products, more travel logs, videos and more photos as I make my trips to cool geology sites.

San Andreas Fault near Bombay Beach Mugs from

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Visiting Our Local Volcano - Continued

Let me continue my story about visiting the Salton Buttes Volcano. My assistant and I arrived at the active venting of the volcano, an area commonly referred to as the mud pots. Last night, I told of how we were at first reluctant to go out onto the ground where the vents rest. We wondered if the ground is brittle or thin. In spots, it is indeed. There are constant new holes and vents forming, and considering the recent swarm micro and moderate quakes at this volcano, I wouldn't be surprised if there are some changes to the structure of the ground. Who knows.

Well, we walked out to the pointy towers of mud, silt and sand. The sun was low, and our shadows were cast long and orange over the fine clay and salt we were walking on. I was pretty excited to walk out to this jewel of rift zone evidence.

The first thing I noticed was the smell. It smelled like an oil refinery, like tar. I also noticed the sounds, even at the car, about fifty feet away. There was a loud bubbling and gurgling sound, and very high pitched whistle. The whistle came from one particular vent that seemed to not produce any hot mud.

That whistle was the whistle of something very powerful and under a great deal of pressure. It sounded like something wanted to force itself out through the thousands of feet of fine mud, silt and clay. I really felt that from that particular vent!

There are large puddles of water, with tiny bubbles of seeping volcanic gases too, and areas of boiling water. The mud towers looked like they shot mud out about ten feet, and the mud was still wet. One mud tower had a vent that was steaming and tossing mud, and rather noisily. I crept right up to the mouth of that vent, and got a good shot of it with my Sony FX1. I got some great footage!

The footage got even better as the Sun started setting, and the colors were ablaze in oranges and pinks.

It was a great day, and an adventure. Along with the volcanic vents, I caught stills of two very large eagles, an entire field of geese, and more! I want to go back to my neighboring volcano again. I love this volcano. I want to learn everything about it.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sunday's Visit to the Salton Buttes Volcano - The Drive


On Sunday, I went to the very place I have been blogging about so much. I drove for two hours to the Salton Buttes Volcano. Indeed, if I were to chose to miss a game between two of my favorite teams, the Steelers and the Packers, it should be for a good reason. Well, heading off to this very volcano, the one that stirs my curiosity, is worth missing such a game!

I live to the northwest from Salton Buttes, and the drive from Palm Springs in itself is dramatic. First I drove past the large casinos and what small sand dunes are left in the Coachella Valley. Once the big box stores, strip malls, housing developments, gated communities and casinos thinned out, we entered a very wide area of farmland. This is a very fertile jewel in the middle of a harsh and very dry desert. The ground in this part of the California desert is normally gravel and sand derived from the surrounding granite mountains. The mountains are amazing to look at and to study. The Coachella Valley is a narrow valley that lies between the young Santa Rosa and San Jacinto mountains to the west and the much older Little San Bernardino mountains to the east. The Santa Rosas and San Jacinto had once been underground plutons of magma. San Jacinto is about 2 million years old, while parts of the Little San Bernardinos are more than a billion years old! The Little San Bernardinos contain gneiss, schist, and intrusions of granite. In the past gold was mined in these mountains.

We drove a long time on Hwy 111 through date groves, alfalfa farms and other growers. During the drive through the farmland near the town of Mecca, you'll would be unaware of the large body of water ahead, and a bit to your right. Then suddenly the farms fall away, and it's sun bright empty desert and a glimmering splinter of lake off the right. On some days, you won't realize it's a lake until it widens out. You're looking at a vast salt water inland lake - the Salton Sea!

The present Salton Sea is an accidental sea, and worth Goggling and learning more! Long ago, a manmade water channel broke, and the colorado river flowed into the dry lake bed where now lies the Salton Sea. The area remains a lake to this day, and it has grown very salty and polluted over the decades. Today, there is a vigorous clean up going on, and the lake is a bit less polluted. There is a lot more work needed in cleaning up this strange lake.

The drive along the Salton Sea takes about 45 minutes, and this Sunday, the sky was very clear. We could see the Santa Rosas across the lake, and then the more distant mountains near Julian, CA. Soon, I could make out the pyramid shaped Signal Mountain, just over the US/Mexico border. On this day, at about 4 o clock pm, there was a 4.0 earthquake near Signal Mountain. I didn't feel it, for I was still in the car.

When driving along the lake, about half way down the shore, you'll notice a rocky shallow rise that parallels the road. It follows the road and is about two hundred to one hundred yards to the left. That very rise is a trace of the San Andreas fault! At one point you'll notice a rocky deformed outcropping right in front of you, which is the same trace, and then the road turns slightly, and goes by it. Soon after this, you will drive past the tiny community of Bombay Beach. This is a dusty small town right on the shore of the lake. It is also the point where the strike slip San Andras fault ends. That 700 mile fault ends right off shore!

After that, its yet more empty desert road, with shimmering lake to the right ......

On, and on ......

The farmland starts again, and the small town of Niland is just ahead. This is the start of an area of rich and productive farmland that extends down into Mexico, past Mexicali, extending far south, and east to Yuma. This farmland lies within a spreading zone, and when seen from space, almost illustrates this rift valley's shape with it's green.

Thus, we pass Niland, a one gas station, two cafe town - and then some hydrothermal power plants with their steam, cross more farms, past fields crowded with flocks of white geese, past a dry salt plain that smells like hell, past Red Hill lava dome off in the distance, and then Obsidian Butte lava dome, a small stinking marsh, some shiny black lava boulders ... and then the volcano's vents!

The living, hissing, gurgling boiling volcanic vents indeed. The mud pots!

As we approached this living volcanic visible evidence of a rare 'on-land rift', we were hesitant. Should we walk on that ground? Would the ground be soft? Will the ground be thin? My assistant and I looked at each other, and said, "What the hell ..."

And we don't regret what we witnessed once we crossed the grey lifeless field to meet our living volcano.

More to come...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Missing Earthquake from Yellowstone Map ....

Map Centered at 44°N, 111°W

Take a look at the USGS map now, where is that moderate earthquake that was on that same map this early morning? What happened to it? Weird.

Here's another article, and one that does not downplay the volcano's potential:

Article About The Yellowstone Super Volcano and It's Recent Activity

Here's an article, which is one of many on the topic very recently. This one explains the ground uplifting and the slowing of that uplift, and describes the magma chamber that lies under the park. This article tends to downplay the threat of an eruption of this volcano anytime soon. It's always good to look at both sides of a scientific discussion, and science is on both sides of the fence on this one - but most within the science community think that the volcano is very unlikely to erupt in our time. It's a very interesting discussion. Over time I will share papers on the topic.

A Pair of Light Earthquakes at Yellowstone Super Volcano

Map Centered at 42°N, 110°W

Tonight, at the Yellowstone Volcano, just over an hour ago, we had a 3 point plus magnitude earthquake, and another smaller one today. Along with these there has been a mild earthquake swarm. This is a place of much interest to the public safety community and geologists, for this is the Yellowstone Super Volcano. This volcano is a collapsed caldera, and still has an immense magma chamber below it. Heat from that magma is heating up water, creating the famous Old Faithful gyaser. There are many other tale tale features throughout the park, telling of the existence of a large volcano. Practically the whole park is a volcano! Yellowstone Lake has evidence of a powerful steam explosion, which created one of the coves, and there are hot water ponds next to the lake, where local wild bison hang around to stay warm. One very recent event is very interesting. Yellowstone Lake's water level has shifted, and when investigated by scientists, an area of up lift of the ground in one area was discovered, as well as a lowering of the ground in another area. Just to the north of Yellowstone Lake is an area of ground swelling, and is often thought of as an area of lava domes.

Last year there was an earthquake swarm at Yellowstone, with thousands of small and moderate earthquakes. It had a few people alarmed. Authorities claimed that it was no big deal. The area is prone to earthquake swarms - but one as intense as the one last year?

I'll post more on Yellowstone when I have the time, for on Saturday I'm heading off to Salton Buttes volcano to image it - so I'll be on the road in a short while! Not much time now for pulling up papers and links. But what I can do for now, is suggest that you goggle Yellowstone Volcano and do some learning. I also suggest clicking into this USGS link now and then, throughout the week, and watch the micro and moderate quakes closely. It's very interesting to observe. And a little scary.

Take note that any strong earthquake, stronger than 6.5 mag, can kick the magma into action, if indeed that magma is disturbed out of balance enough. If a quake were to cause a deep fissure, and if water were to come into direct contact with the magma - things might become rather explosive. Or, not. Your guess work is as good as mine on that one!