Monday, February 21, 2011

California Earthquake Swarm and Christchurch New Zealand Quake

Six hours ago, Christchurch New Zealand experienced a deadly earthquake, with the death toll at this point at about 63. The number is bound to change sadly, for the earthquake happened just hours ago. Many significant buildings are in ruins. This earthquake is considered by the USGS at this time as an aftershock to a previous and much larger earthquake. It seems to me that the buildings collapse might have been due to the fact that they were damaged already - from the stronger previous earthquake.

Also, in Northern California Wine Country, there is an intense swarm of micro quakes near Clear Lake. This is listed by the USGS as an active volcano, and so this is something worth thinking about. Perhaps this is geothermal, with lots of heated water moving about. Whatever it is, it's sure alive.

What a day of some earth activity!

California-Nevada Fault Map centered at 39°N,123°W

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