Monday, February 14, 2011

Links on Yellowstone: Truth or BS? You Decide.

A few of my friends that are culturally and academically more desciplined than I am, pointed out last night that there may be the possibility of ice and extreme cold, technical glitches or something of the sort that could have caused the deletion of the feb 12 earthquakes at Yellowstone. This could be a very strong possibility, but not the only one.

I am not a leader or teacher like they are, just a simple individual. I'm not without an undergraduate degree, but I'm not in the halls on influence. I have nothing to lose, no tenure, and so I'm simply pointing out something people need to be aware of. Number one, hopefully Big Government is not holding back our scientific information.

Here are some more links concerning what is happening or what is not happening at Yellowstone. There are right now two sides of the picture.

One side states that it's simply non-seimic and a system error, perhaps due to the extreme cold at Yellowstone.

The other side of the story states that indeed there are earthquakes, and that the authorities are suppressing them.

he more information I come across the more possible either side of the story is. It benefits us to keep a sharp eye on the area, and find as many sources of information as possible.

I suggest caution when going on the conspiracy theory and rapture sites. I suggest being profoundly objective on this one. We don't need undue panic, but we do need caution and preparedness.

If this makes little sense, let's put it in a sentence. Be like an alert rabbit, ready to spring for shelter, regardless whether it's a wolf nearby or not.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this is unlikely to blow within a short span of time, for it may blow a hundred thousand years from now or simply next week. We don't know for sure.

There are teams of researchers and scientists that are working very hard to come up with reliable technologies that may someday detect precursors to volcanoes and earthquakes. There have been measurements of IM emissions around volcanos and faults over recent years, but the science community is seeking acute accuracy with these measurements and the technology that gathers them. That is why the science community has not yet drawn a conclusion on geologic precursors.

I do see that technology on the horizon, and we may see some of it applied within ten years or so. Believe me, the researchers are intensely trying to come up with a way to detect big events!

One thing I do ask of Big Government and other authorities, is that if they do wish to censor science, please refrain. Science should be for the public too, not just the leadership.

I also keep in mind that it is so hard these days for a research team to gain budgeting from the government, that they are very cautious on what they say. If a research team shouts wolf, and nothing happens, they run the risk of losing their budget for the next year. Politicians have gotten their grubby hands into science, and it's effecting what is said.

So if a cover up were to happen, I guess I should be understanding to some extent. On Sunday, I was not. I had blurted out that there was a cover up. I'm just a simple normal person with normal reactions to things.

These links are from both legit and paranoid sites, and I include both so that you can make up your own mind on which is bullshit, and which info is good.

Here is a page with a completely shut down seismograph. It's obviously down for repairs or shut off for unknown reasons.


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