Saturday, October 29, 2011

Santorini Fascination Volcano Tour Oct 2011 photos - santorini_i49059.jpg

Santorini Fascination Volcano Tour Oct 2011 photos - santorini_i49059.jpg

Click on the link above to see what a volcano looks like after she's blown her top. This is the famed tourist destination, Santorini. Many people fail to realize that this is also the sight of a massive eruption that sent an ash cloud and tsunami across the water to Crete, thus destroying the culture and civilization there. This happened during ancient times. Something like this could very well happen again, as in the case of any massive landslide on Gran Canary Island, off of the North African coast. The volcano on that island split after a large and recent earthquake, and if the side of the volcano were to slip into the ocean, it could cause a tsunami large enough to cause massive damage to cities like New York. It's always good to be aware of these risks when choosing to live near the coast. Know the lay of the land, and the quickest routes to higher ground, if you do indeed live or work near the coast. Our planet is dynamic and always changing, and humankind is a small dot in comparison.

Monday, October 17, 2011

4.0 Earthquake and Swarm of Moderate Quakes at Pisgah Volcanic Crater in California

Today at around 2 pm PST, there was a series of light to moderate earthquakes near the Pisgah Crater, not far from Barstow and Dagget, California. As some of you have read in previous posts, and according to famed blogger Durchsinse, the area near Pisgah Crater had possibly plumed or vented in early August. This area is now really worth observing to see what may possibly be going on. I'm not going to make any claims, but simply pointing out the earth movements in an area of interest for many people.

The Pisgah Crater has a large fairly recent (1000 plus or minus years) lava flow that you can see from Highway 40, just east of Dagget, CA. From a airplane, the view is spectacular. You can see a black flow against the white sand and salt flats.

If you look at the CA/NV earthquake map by the USGS, you can also see some micro-quakes at Salton Buttes Volcano at the south end of the Salton Sea in the Southern California desert. You can also see a increase in what may be aftershocks from a 7.2 a year and half ago in the Ocotillo area. Ocotillo has had a lot of activity since the Mexicali earthquake, and for me, it's something I'm keeping a close eye on. I'm collecting rocks down there, and have fine examples of basalt and black shiny rocks with gas bubble induced holes in them. Certainly an indicator of volcanism near the town of Ocotillo.

Here are some USGS links. The images above are thanks to the USGS.