Saturday, February 12, 2011

Four Micro-quakes this hour at Yellowstone Volcano

Just within this hour there is an interesting series of micro-quakes at the Yellowstone volcano. what caught my eye is that these little tremors form a line. My first question is thus: Is this movement? And if it's movement, is it water or magma? Does the line indeed suggest some sort of movement, or simply a fissure or crack within the rock. Yellow is something to keep an eye on in an objective, yet well aware manner.

Map Centered at 44°N, 111°W


  1. So really I don't mean to sound like Mr. Foil Hat but the USGS is handling this oddly.

    Two hours ago a 3.5 hit and less than 10 minutes later all data that this event had occurred was gone from official websites.

    And apparently eight hours ago the area was rattled by a -4.6- which also seems to have vanished save social media mentioning it.

    To me it seems like somebody is well aware this is unusual and these persons are 'snipping out' the bits of data viewable to the public that could cause alarm.

    Censoring scientific data to quell panic is B movie lame. They aught to be ashamed.

  2. Dave, thank you so much for your useful and interesting information. People should call friends in that area and ask if they are feeling anything. Yellowstone does have quakes and quake swarms now and then, but the fact it's no shared to the public is kinda' strange. Censoring does not belong in science.