Sunday, February 13, 2011

ALERT! YELLOWSTONE earthquake SWARM .. today! February 12, 2011 - Rapture Watch

Myself, personally, am not a proponent of religious talk, such as the rapture. It is not my place to say it's coming or it's not. But within the rapture watching community, there is some good information worth researching. I am hearing though out my small town coffee house buzz and bar buzz about earthquake swarms that the USGS is censoring.

Early on, I've spotted a 3 point plus earthquake in Yellowstone a few days ago, and it was on the USGS map for a short period of time, then vanished from it.

Also, in California, one 3 point mag plus quake between Long Beach and Catalina Island has disappeared off the USGS map, and within my Native American community buzz, one woman claims to have had a dream about a big volcanic event happening in that channel within a couple of weeks. This would obviously be a different event from any Yellowstone event, but does smell of a cover up if the quake is not on the map for long.

Also, I'm hearing a lot on the social networks about a cover up of a quake swarm at Yellowstone with two moderate earthquakes. I'm not drawing any conclusions, but am indeed asking why the cover up on quakes? What purpose does it pose? What's going on geologically and within big government? Are these small quakes and quake swarms precursors or just normal movement? Ask these questions for yourself, and start asking questions and sharing your findings. Stay truthful while you're at it.

Is there anyone near Yellowstone feeling anything. If so, please share it. Let us know. If you do live in the two regions I mentioned, Yellowstone and Long Beach, you can get an app in i Tunes called i Seismo. I've picked up earthquake on it, and it works well. You can even set if up to a webcam and braodcast through Justin tv. Give it try and share here in my comments and in other places.

I do hope someone from the Yellowstone area reads this and does so.

ALERT! YELLOWSTONE earthquake SWARM .. today! February 12, 2011 - Rapture Watch

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