Sunday, February 13, 2011

Earthquake Swarm at Yellowstone Cover Up!

As a matter of routine, I check every few hours, or whenever I feel shaking , the USGS Recent Earthqukes page. A couple of days ago, during the wee hours, I noticed a little swarm of earthquakes at Yellowstone. A few hours later, I looked back at the same map, the the earthquakes had been removed. That caused me to perk up. And then I noted that in my blog here, and that attracted a comment that there had been a 4.6 and a 3 pointer right after that. Those two earthquakes within the Yellowstone park were also removed.

You can take a look at my previous blogs, over the last couple of weeks and see.

I also noticed a 3 pointer off the shore of LA, at a sea mount between Long Beach and Santa Catalina Island, and that earthquake too vanished from it's map.

I may seem like I'm repeating myself, and indeed I am. The reason is that I want to try as best as I can to inform, and also, I'm asking questions.

Here is some more documentation on the censored science, and the removed earthquakes.

Observations and answers are welcome!

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