Friday, February 11, 2011

San Andreas Fault near Bombay Beach Mugs from

On Sunday, I made a trip down to the Salton Buttes Volcano, about 20 miles south of Bombay Beach, CA. Just before passing the dusty hamlet of Bombay Beach, I drove past this rock outcropping to the east of Hwy 111. In the outcropping, one can see a distinct line, where the rocks are different from one another. This is the actual fault line! This is a spot along the locked up south section of the fault where some researchers guess that a very strong earthquake could happen. There has not been a large earthquake along this section of the fault for over 300 years! It is adjacent to the Salton though spreading zone, the end of the Mid-Pacific Ridge rift. For geologists and those interested in the science, this is a very interesting place for study and geologic visual delights.

I will post more cool cups and other products, more travel logs, videos and more photos as I make my trips to cool geology sites.

San Andreas Fault near Bombay Beach Mugs from

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