Monday, April 11, 2011

Tsunami Footage by the Crew for The Cove, Taiji, Japan

The Academy Award Winning documentary, The Cove, is about the killing of dolphins by fishermen in Japan. The film team was in that cove town, Taiji, when the quake and tsunami hit. They took to higher ground and caught this footage. Pretty dramtic to watch, on this day of rememberance of what happened a month ago in Japan. That famous town in it's infamous cove is now completely wrecked.

Also of note is the fact that a 6.6 aftershock happened today near the Fukushima nuke plant, causing electricity to shut down perhaps a couple of reactors.

In Nevada, there has been many earthquakes in one spot where over the last 40 days, there had been many. One quake was a 4.1. This is in a volcanic area and a part of what is often thought as a part of a rift zone. In about 10 million years from now, that area, the Owens Valley, Coso volcanic system, the Landers fault area and the Salton Though will all be connected and pulling the Pacific Plate away from the North American Plate, much like what is happening with Baja California today. The Sea of Cortez will extend up to crater lake and perhaps beyond. Check out the map above of this swarm of quakes. Go to Google Earth to take a detailed look, zooming both in and out for the bigger picture. Note the string of valleys, parallel faults, volcanos, lava flows and round lakes.

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