Thursday, April 21, 2011

Harmonic Tremors is Noisy Business!

The quake swarm near Hawthorne Nevada has eased, but is still going on. We are now seeing smaller quakes, now trending to the north slightly, and up a mountain. People in Hawthorne are reporting feeling the 3 point plus quakes when they happen. The above map shows the current number of quakes according to the USGS, but more quakes have actually happened.

Here are some comments from regular people that live near the Hawthorne, Nevada earthquake swarm, and other folks. This article also contains some likely explaining about the possible movement of magma.

I like the idea presented here that quake swarms can mean there is possible dyke formation within the crust by magma, and those harmonic swarms may be simply just that. New dykes forming. Especially if they subside and not breech the surface with an eruption. Often swarms that are not made up of harmonic tremors, but regular earthquakes, are new cracks being formed. Sometime, later, a new kind of swarm may kick in, where magma is on the move, filling in those cracks, creating new dykes and sills.

Here's the blog thread contain local Hawthorne, NV comments:

Far from the Nevada mountains, and in the Pacific, researchers are recording magma as it does it's thing. Here is a the sound of volcanic harmonic tremors generated underwater by an underwater volcano and picked up by an underwater mic. It's said this is the sound of magma on the move! It's that faint high pitched moan in this ocean recroding. You'll need quicktime to hear this sound. Enjoy!

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