Saturday, April 23, 2011

Large Earthquake the Solomon Islands, and Continued Harmonic Swarm in Nevada

Possible harmonic waveform of a 2.4 quake on the east shore of Mono Lake.

Note the little swarm on the east shore of Mono Lake. It's producing harmonic wave forms. Mono Lake is the large lake to the southwest of the main quake swarm.

Western South Pacific: Click the link above for details. The above article is very interesting because of the depth of this particular earthquake. The quake is 81.6 KM deep, and is associated with a deep trench subduction zone, and is tectonic in nature. According to reports, this quake lasted a long time, but due to the depth, the shaking was weak. No tsunami warning has been issued at this time for other than the immediate area, where there may be a 1.3 meter wave.

Also the quake swarm near Hawthorne, Nevada and those in Imperial County, CA continue with micro-quakes. One thing of note is a swarm of small quakes at the east shore of Mono Lake, in a very highly localized area. With one quake, there is a possible magma harmonic waveform, as you can see above. Looks like a possible pipe, vent or dyke forming.

Mono Lake has a string of volcanos, with visible cones on the south and west shore. The string of volcanos continue from the lake on south to Lake Crawley. This string includes Mammoth mountain. I've been to the hot springs, near Lake Crawley, and have seen sulfur throughout the site. There is a lot of star obsidian in the area too, which is basically quickly cooled volcanic glass, but that which cooled slowly enough for some very basic crystals to form. The local Native Americans used to make weapon heads with this stone, and trade with it. For Indians, areas containing obsidian had been very valuable land for weapon building and trade, indeed!

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