Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Continued Swarms Near Hawthorne Nevada and at Salton Buttes Volcano

The earthquake swarm near Hawthorne Nevada continues, with smaller quakes than previously, but still very active. Here's an article about researchers going out to the site of the Nevada earthquake swarm, and setting up measuring and communications equipment, clearing snow off of roads. They are taking precautions and talking about evacuation plans if this swarm leads to anything significant.

There is talk of possible volcanism.

Some engineers and I are thinking of going up to the Hawthorn area to take a look.

Here's an article on the swarm mentioning the above:

Here is a detailed map of the ongoing swarm too. This University site has very good information and I suggest monitoring this site if the swarm interests you.

Here is another interesting article also:

Of note in my own local area, the Salton Buttes volcano continues to have many micro-quakes, more than usual. I'm keeping an eye on that activity, and visiting it. I've ben feeling many long lasting subtle tremors that do not show up on the USGS site, but does register on my i Seismo seis'llmogram i Phone app. A couple of other people in my area have also commented that they are feeling some slight shakes. I keep you all posted on that too.

Also, there has been talk among surfers along the Southern California coast, that it's time to put in a lot of surfing the next two years or so, before the debris from the Japan earthquake and Tsunami reaches the US west coast. Once it reaches our local beaches, it's very possible that surfing will be too hazardous, due to numerous planks, sheets of roofing and other debris in the water.

Hawaii is expected to be hit by the debris in about a year.

I remember as a little child, back in the early sixties, all the planks, glass fishing floats, nets, plastic things and tires that floated along the California coast. It did that for a few years. That was a time of some significant and tragic tsunamis too. What I saw as a kid was a combination of the unregulated pollution at the time and significant tsunami debris.

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