Sunday, April 17, 2011

Magma Harmonic Tremors at Nevada Earthquake Swarm

The waveforms created by many of the earthquakes at the Nevada earthquake swarm near Hawthorne Nevada show a typical pattern that a magma harmonic tremor would put out. What's a hormonic tremor? It is a kind of waveform most often associated with moving magma or other material within an active volcano. These waveforms are long, continuous, and look sort of like a bottle brush. A normal seismic waveform is a sharper event, one kicking on suddenly, building up to a peak and then letting down. These shorter waveforms are often associated with cracking within the earth.

In this video, I show the two types of waveforms and explain it. This will give you a good insight into the nature of the swarm of moderate earthquakes at the Nevada-California border.

Is Magma indeed on the move?

Already experts are rushing out there from Nevada's geoscience departments and are taking interest, as are many other researchers. This series of interesting events is rich for study!

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