Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why We Need More Education on Geology

Still trying to take in what happened in Japan, and now studying earthquake preparedness. I'm putting together a note on how we can best be prepared for these events. It'll take some time, as my work load right now is a bit much.

First thing is first: Have at least two weeks of water per person in your household, in a strong container far from anything that can fall on the supply. Do the same for non-parish food. Have a flashlight and slip on shoes by your bed too. Do not have heavy objects over your head where you sleep. Those are the very basics. More to come as I organize some information.

Today I donated to the Red Cross Japan, and encourage you to do so. Just click on the Red Cross link next to this text box, or Google the Red Cross.

Here is an article explaining why we need to be more educated on earthquakes and geology.

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