Thursday, March 31, 2011

Preparing for an Earthquake: What You Can Do to Stay Safe - ABC News

Preparing for an Earthquake: What You Can Do to Stay Safe - ABC News

Click above and please learn what you can do to be prepared for an Earthquake. Many people do not realize that there are other areas of the USA outside of the west, where a major earthquake can happen. Even New York City is very vulnerable for a major quake. Apathy and overconfidence can lead to injury and death that should not have happened. So please learn what you can do to protect yourself, your family and c0-workers. At the very least, have at least two weeks of contained water on hand. I have blogged this before, and will again.

On another note, I had a dream about being in an nasty earthquake during a nap, and woke up, checked for quakes, and indeed there was a 4.4 mag earthquake south of Mexicali, Mexico. It was centered just a few miles south of the Cerro Prieto volcano, and as you can see from it's waveform, it sort of looks like the tail of a pissed off cat. Very often, that kind of waveform can indicate a volcanic earthquake. I'm not saying that it is volcanic, but it is indeed very close to where there is a magma chamber. Also of note about the location, is that about a year ago, on Apr. 3, there was a swarm of moderate quakes, including one measuring 4.2. The next day there was 7.2 a few miles south of this swarm! It was one I most certainly felt! My question is such: Is today's 4.4 and it's fellow quakes precursors to another large quake, or are they volcanic in nature - or just aftershocks?

To leave scientific questions a moment, and to sound not very geological for a second: I've noted in my records that a couple of my Native American friends told me that they have had terrible dreams of an offshore earthquake just off of Santa Catalina Island, and a nasty tsunami that does intense damage to Los Angeles and San Diego. They both stated that this can happen soon. I am not going to have an opinion on that, for I am simply going about my daily life recording and noting the things around me. But indeed these statements are in my notes. They are interesting.

One thing in my notes and photos, is the fact that about a week ago, during our last cold snap, I and others noticed flocks of many seagulls flying in unusual patterns and v-shaped patterns over Palm Springs, which is a desert community more than a 100 miles east of the pacific ocean. Gulls are known to frequent the Salton Sea to south, but I have never seen such gull behavior here in the desert before. I also spotted many swallows circling just below the many circling gulls.

It's always good to tune into the subtle things the natural world is doing.

My admiration and thoughts on the Japanese people continue, and I hope that they get a handle on the reactor that's giving them so much trouble. I'm very worried about it, and wonder how much info the government and media is really giving us. A pal of mine indicated that Denver, CO, has reported high levels of radiation. I cannot confirm the truth of that, or refute it, only can make a note of it.

I'm trying to think out some kind of plan on where I should be, but don't want to totally leave behind all the investment I put into my business, and think that I should simply haul it inland, and stay stateside. Some folks I know have fled the US. There's a lot of fears of radiation and other things right now. I have invitations to go overseas, to stay in the Alps, but I would have to ship my business. I just invested in it's tools and equipment! A decision and action will happen when I feel it's right.

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