Monday, March 28, 2011

Japanese Futuristic Vision - A Post Quake Story

It has been a couple of weeks since the unbelievable earthquake off Japan, and the two resulting and horrible events after; the tsunami and nuclear crisis. My thoughts have been on the people of Japan all along, and in earlier blogs, I have indeed mentioned those thoughts and calls to donate and help the earthquake-tsunami victims. Please find the donation post and donate.

The shock and scientific awe is still there, but now I feel I can blog a little bit. I want to blog positive, and that is why the delay is saying anything, to give the tragedy time to have it's attention.

The Japanese people I have faith in. We have all seen how calm and organized they have been, even in the face of a confused and un-communicative government. That I admire and embrace indeed! I do so, while also knowing that globally we're in a time in history when all the veils that leadership has worn is falling away. World wide there are protests, whether misguided or on the spot ... but they are a cry of a humanity that is burned out on the veils of deceit, illusion, false scarcity and ineptitude of our leaders. Many people, the world over, are almost at a state of hysteria has they violently protest and fight. Meanwhile, the Japanese do bring their government's slow action into question, and they rise their brow - and then simply carry on, stoic and efficient, calm and repairing.

What's going on right now globally, both human and geologic, has me completely rapt. I'm scared, saddened, curious, awestruck, amazed, wanting to help, questioning and looking for solutions.

Not to be too dramatic, but to drive a certain point home - as I write this, radiation has been measured in tiny traces 50 miles from where I am right now. The place where radiation has been detected is Riverside. California. I'm not really worried for myself, but my worries are indeed for those living much closer to the nuclear plant in Japan. Absolutely.

Come on, Japanese Government, could you please start to tell the truth on the reactor situation? Step up to the plate, and do so in all honesty and service to the people - globally.

Here's my first post on what I see as Japan's bounce back after this unbelievable 9.0 mag event: First of all, I see a very quick repair of roads and runways.

The fast repairs have already started taking place, and even in leveled towns, there are streets carved out of the piles if wood, broken buildings, silt, mud and ruined cars. Some main highways and roads are now repaved and smooth going is places. Impressive.

One year from now, outside any nuclear dead zone, Northern Japan will have cleared all the debris, tested it for radioactivity, let some of the isotope infused material to sit out a month, as much of the half life of the nuclear fallout may well be that. Once the nuclear pollution has eased, much of the debris will be recycled. This recycled material will not be exported, but will be used to repair the damaged or destroyed local infrastructure. Much of the material and rubble will go into road building material. That is my educated guess.

Two years from now and earlier: I see buildings going up that are very innovative and sustainable. Japan experiences a dreadful energy challenge, with no oil resources of it's own - and so there is a strong motivation to rebuild in a sustainable manner. We will see passive energy buildings, those with climate control that requires a minimum of energy. Right now, NASA Aimes is applying a sustainable program at their research campus at the old Moffet Naval Field in Mountain View, California.

We will see a sea of wind generators in the Northern Japanese rebuild zone. Much of the sustainable energy generation systems that we here in the USA have innovated and experimented with, will indeed be perfected and applied in Japan. We may will see buildings using white roofing as a measure against global warming via the reflection of sunlight, individual homes with solar and wind turbines, and vertical wind shafts as a measure against sumer heat. These wind shafts can be seen in North Africa, and are ages old! But today, we can take the old and make it effective and new. The Japanese are good at that kind of thing.

we're going to see more public transportation in place, on high rail systems, with advanced magnetism driving motors, a thing long overdue.

The coves of Japan may never be re-settled, unless there is in place a quick escape system that goes beyond a mere tsunami warning system that's in use today. But more than likely, these cove communities will rebuild on the surrounding higher ground, on solid bedrock, and will have in place an advanced tech means of moving goods and people upslope without spending too much energy.

More to come on that!

Meanwhile, locally and on a much smaller scale. we have had a 3.4 mag event at the Salton Buttes Volcano today, along with a few other quakes. This 3 plus mag event seems to have happened near a possible magma pipe that is still hot.

Here's a USGS link to it:

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