Friday, March 4, 2011

More Micro-Quakes at Salton Buttes Volcano

California-Nevada Fault Map centered at 33°N,116°W

Just a quick update, today we're having quite a few micro-quakes around the Salton Buttes volcano, and one just off of Bombay Beach, CA. Bombay beach is where the San Andreas fault is believed to end or dive deep underground. If you click on my overall blog, and look at some photos I posted of the area about a month ago, you'll see what that area looks like. It's a pretty stark and yet a dramatic place, and I suggest visiting it. During this time of the year, there are a lot of wild seabirds, for these flyers like to use the briny Salton Sea as a watery stopping point. I've seen eagles, egrets, geese and giant pelicans. I've been many other types of birds too! Bring your telephoto lens! If you are really curious, bring along your i Seismo app, set your i Phone down on a shaded part of Obsidan Butte or at the mub pots, and you may witness some mild movement on your seismogram!

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  1. If you look closely at the map above, you can see a hint of a zig zag shape created by the numerous micro-quakes. This shape reminds me of the shape that rifting zones make. Is this because of the rifting zone this area is a part of? Something to think about.