Monday, May 9, 2011

Small Earthquake at Yellowstone and Continued Earthquakes Near Hawthorne, Nevada

Overall Picture of the Group of Earthquakes in Mexico, Near the Texan Border. The Large Blue Square South of the Others, is a Lone 4.0 a Mag. Event.

Group of Moderate Earthquakes Near Texas Mexico Border

Waveforms for the 3.9 mag near Hawthorne, Nevada

The earthquake swarm near Hawthorne Nevada has quieted some, but is still kicking off micro-quakes and the occasional moderate earthquake. Within 24 hours we had a 3.9 near the surface at this location. Here are it's waveforms. It has a slow build up of shaking, judging by the first wave form on the image.

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Also, Yellowstone Super volcano had a 3.3 this weekend, and this is quite normal, although always of interest. There is a very strange swarm of earthquakes that continues near the Texas Mexico border, just south east of El Paso. These moderate quakes are very unusual to me, for for all the years I have watched earth movements, I have not seen much activity in this area. The topography resembles a rifting zone, with parallel mountain and valleys, but I cannot confirm that as of yet.

Also noteworthy: There has been amoderate earthquakes in southeastern Canada, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

It looks like a lot of widespread shaking on the North American Plate in areas of old rifting, and the Hawthorne, NV swarm in an old subducted rifting zone that will reemerge someday as a new oceanic spreading zone.

Here is the link to the Mexican earthquakes just south of the Texas.

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