Friday, May 13, 2011

6.0 mag earthquake in Costa Rica and Continued 4.0 Mag Plus Quakes in Nevada

Here is a 4.1 mag earthquake at the site of hundreds of earthquakes near Hawthorne, Nevada. This swarm has been going on for weeks, and there are dozens of researchers looking into this.

Here is the waveform of the 4.1 mag earthquake in Nevada, and notice how it is not a sudden onset of shaking, but a build up. It should be noted that this is a very shallow earthquake that has a gradual build up to full shaking. Sometimes near surface volcanic earthquakes look like this.

Here is today's 6.0 earthquake in Costa Rica.

The earthquake swarm near Hawthorne,Nevada, continues. The earthquakes are trending more as near surface earthquakes, and are trending up the mountain to the north. This may indicate the migration of some sort of volcanic material, or may not. A friend of mine who is making an activist walk for human rights across America ran into about 15 geologists and researchers in that part of Nevada on Thursday night. Now that is a lot of researchers taking a look at this long term continued swarm - one that still is producing 4 mag plus earthquakes. Indeed!

Also there has just been a 6.0 mag earthquake in Costa Rica.

Here is a USGS link to a 6.0 mag earthquake that just happened in Costa Rica.

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