Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Coso Volcanic Area Just Had a 4.5 mag earthquake. Cool Waveforms!

Waveforms of the 4.5 mag Coso Earthquake Today.

Interesting and Rather Odd Waveforms Picked Up In Anza-Borrago Far to the South of Coso. Harmonics and Volcanic Surface Waveforms? Originating from Where...

Shake Map of Coso 4.5 mag Earthquake

Coso Volcanic Area 4.5 Mag Earthquake

We have just had a 4.5 mag earthquake near the Coso volcanic system in the Owns Valley of central California. This is between LA and Mammoth Lakes, and has taken place in a rifting zone - and area of crustal thinning and spreading.

It is along the Owens valley on down to the Sea of Cortez that will eventually rift off from mainland USA. This will take place over about 10 million years, as I have mentioned often in previous posts. I'm repeating to put this particular earthquake in perspective.

Here is the USGS site page on the 4.5 Coso system earthquake. Above are stills taken from it so that you can still view the map and waveforms after the page update and changes, for the USGS page is real time.


Today, we have been having some unusual waveforms that hint of possible B type volcanic harmonics, but since I am not a seismologist, I'll leave that one as a guess. If anyone would want to know the true language that these wave forms are speaking, please refer to a professional seismologist.

Take a look at these real time waveforms, which are updated every 180 seconds, where machines are measuring ground motion in the Anza-Borrago desert in Southern California, and look at it on a periodic basis to witness various wave forms. Compare that to the still of it that I have share above.


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