Monday, March 12, 2012

CARRY ON ! (Pray for Japan 2012)

CARRY ON ! (Pray for Japan 2012)

Here is a touching memorial song in honor of the victims of the big earthquake in Japan just over a year ago. I haven't really blogged about it because it's overwhelming in data, especially the Ionosphere data.

I will say this much, and it's pure theory.  A buddy of mine talked to me just before that earthquake, in a coffee house in Del Mar , California. He pointed out increased activity of the sun, a super moon and the Ionosphere being active.

He said, "The shit is going down!"

Sixteen minutes later, that 9 point mag. earthquake did hit.

Now tons of money is pouring into research on earthquake precursors!

True story. I've got witnesses.

The man scared himself with his theory and prognosis.

I've been pretty quiet about it, too.

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