Monday, January 30, 2012

Possible Harmonic Tremors and Possible Magma on the Move on Santorini

Here is a screen shot of a map of the ionosphere peaking at 16 Mhz during the time of intense earthquake activity, especially in Greece. Many researchers suggest there is a relationship between the ionosphere, and earthquakes and volcanos.

Here is a seismograph from a mobile station on Santorini. You can see normal earthquakes, which come from rocks cracking, and then you see a fuzzy waveform, which looks like volcanic harmonic tremors to me, which may indicate the movement of magma.
Here is a stronger vibration of some kind from another seismometer on Santorini.


Article on Santorini volcano:!.html

The latest article on rising co2 levels and sea water temperatures rising:

And finally the media mention the constant earthquakes:

A live view of a seismometer on Santorini.

And another live view on Santorini. Looks like Harmonics:

And here is the live state of the Ionosphere:

In my opinion, Santorini Volcano in Greece is about to have an eruption, because today co2 levels have spiked, and two seismometers are showing what appears to be volcanic harmonic tremors. I could be wrong in my determination of what kind of waveform this is, for a generator could cause this kind of waveform. But I am of strong opinion that these above wave form is harmonic in nature.

Oddly, there are a great many strange earthquakes, some 4 mag plus throughout Greece, and lot's of 3 mag plus events. I don't know what to think of this.

All I can say is that magma is on the move, according to my educated guess work.

Another note, is that at the time of this writing 2 am PST, the ionosphere is at a high, at 16 Mhz. There is an interaction between the Ionosphere and the behavior of the ground, according to a good many scientists.

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