Monday, April 29, 2013

Small Swarm of Light Earthquakes at Salton Buttes Volcano in Southern California

Look for the cluster of blue dots at the end of the big lake on the left margin of this map. Those are today's earthquakes at Salton Butte volcano.

Today there has been about 45 small earthquakes at the Salton Buttes volcano, in Southern California. This is a normal thing for this particular volcano, for it is still an active volcano as listed by the USGS. There is magma right below it, with a pipe being at about a mile down, and a magma body 4 to 6 miles down, and about 20 miles long. Most of the volcano is buried under thousands of feet of silt, sand, mud and mudstone. A live fumerole exists in what is called the Mud Pots, the Mud Volcanos or humorously the Mudd Trolls.

I visit this volcano all the time, and even photographed and filmed country singer Brian Shotwell here.  The earthquake map is by the USGS, and photos by me.

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