Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Southern California Active Volcano at Salton Buttes In Mainstream Media

For more than a year and a half, I had been on top of Google if you goggle Salton Buttes, or Salton Buttes Volcano. I had been theorizing about the volcano there, and how it is a recently erupted one.

Five days ago the mainstream media picked up on it, after researchers confirmed that the rotten egg stench experienced in Southern California in August and September - are due to a nearby volcano. 

Personally, after the time of the earthquake swarm in Brawley, I have experienced the sulfur or ‘rotten egg’ smell, and experienced a yellow haze. That, in my opinion, is vog, or volcanic fog.

Recent articles now parallel the very words I have been saying all along in this blog, and even before that in various videos.

Indeed Southern California’s Salton Buttes Volcano is an active and young basalt based volcano, and one associated with a rifting zone. This blog repeats that point. I need to get my paper published and an advanced geology degree, and be better able to swim with these big boys that grabbed at the very theory I have been going on.

Here are articles from this week by the mainstream media:

Here are two videos of me actually being at Salton Buttes Volcano:

Here are my own videos on Salton Buttes, starting in 2010:

Longer Version of the above:  http://youtu.be/ZxJiAQ8OzxI

Here is my buddy Bill and I at the Mojave young volcano, Amboy Crater, a listed USGS hazard:

Here’s a video on Pipes Canyon Mojave Young Volcano, yet another part of our Eastern California Rifting Zone:


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  2. For almost 30 years I traveled back and forth from the San Jacinto Mountains to El Centro and Brawley once a week for work. I also worked two days a week from Palm Springs to Indio. In all those years the stench from the Salton Sea made it's way northward to the Coachella Valley. Not once did I attribute it to fish die offs. There were the usual suspects like algal blooms which do give off gases, but also there were sulfurous smells which struck me as something from deep in the Earth and I associated that with the Mud Volcano areas in the Geo-Thermal Fields which themselves also have sulfur fumes in the air if you drive over there.

    However something else I found interesting. The Tamarisk trees are deep rooted and grow often times where nothing else will. Twice in the Coachella Valley I stumble across freshly cut Tamarisk logs and the owner let me cut them up and haul them off for my wood stove up in the mountains. As they dried and even fresh they had the distinct smell of Sulfur which no doubt came from deep in the earth and had nothing to do with any fish die off from Salton sea. In fact the smell was identical to Salton Sea odors.

    Fascinating subject. I know the press will be wanting it to blow. Wonder if the Geothermal deep drilling has had any effect on the magma movements & quakes of late ?