Monday, July 2, 2012

Today, and the day before, Mexicali has experienced a renewed swarm of earthquakes in the plus 4 point and plus 3 point magnitude. I feel that perhaps these just may be precursors to a larger seismic event. I could be completely wrong, and hope that I am - but this current swarm is worth considering, and worthing thinking about.

I implore that residents of the Southern Californian and Baja California Norte regions take pre-cautions and stock up on stored water and non-parishable foods.

Take a look at the earthquake map, and give this some thought and discussion among your friends. This may well be nothing, or something. I'm feeling the shaking, and it's pretty frequent. It's going on tonight and the house creaks now and then.

NOTE: This current swarm is more intense than the one before the 7.2 magnitude Easter Earthquake a couple of years ago.

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