Friday, June 8, 2012

New Quake Swarm at Salton Buttes Volcano in Southern Californa

Today, there has been a renewed series of small earthquakes at Salton Buttes Volcano, on the south end of the Salton Sea, in Imperial County near Niland,  in Southern California. There is also a slight flurry of scattered micro-quakes though out the southern California desert region, included a pair of small EQ events at Covington Flats Volcano, just south of the Black Rock Canyon camp ground, near Yucca Valley, CA.

On another note: Just the other day, I had hiked up White Water Creek, near Palm Springs, CA, and discovered a narrow line of talc. A ranger and others confirmed that this line is indeed at the line where the San Andreas Fault passes. Talc is a soft slippery rock that is often found along strike slip and transform faults, and it is believed to serve a kind of lubricant for the tectonic plate bounderies. (sp). Pardon my English. It isn't my first language. Anyways, this talc indicated to me even before conformation by experts and local rangers on the exact location of the San Andreas Fault. It's cool to actually see the seam between two, quite enormous thousands of square miles large, tectonic plates of rock! Look for talc, and you just might see such!

Here is the link to the current swarm at Salton Buttes Volcano, as well as a pair of EQ events at Covington Flat Volcano.

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