Saturday, November 5, 2011

Today: Strongest Earthquake Recorded in Oklahoma History

A little over two hours ago from this time, which for my time zone is 11:39 PST, Oklahoma experienced the strongest earthquake ever recorded in that state. It was a 5.6 magnitude earthquake and fairly shallow. It was preceded with a series of fore-quakes, including a 4.7 mag event - as you can see here in this list of earthquakes for the area. This is extremely unusual, even though Oklahoma does indeed have small earthquakes that can be felt.

There are some far out but compelling conspiracy theories that some of these moderate to fairly strong earthquakes at magnitudes in the the fives, those in unusual locations. Some say that these are attributed to underground nuclear blasts.

A couple of months or more back, there was a rare series of earthquakes near Denver, followed shortly by a rare strong earthquake in Virginia. Some people reported hearing a series of booms around the time of the Denver earthquake. You can find video of these booms on You Tube. The conspiracy theory states that the Denver and the Virginia quake were actually nuclear blasts, and these blasts had blown up vast underground bunkers and headquarters of the Global Elite leadership, perhaps killing thousands. The theory also states that this is the start of a revolution from within against a New World Order.

For me personally, I don't believe it's true nor do I believe it's false. It's just a theory I bumped into. I'm sharing it here only because I find it very interesting. It does parallel all the global protests and anti-banking sentiment happening today.

With this far out theory in mind, watch closely for any more moderate to fairly strong earthquakes, especially those in unusual places within the continental US. If this Oklahoma event parallels the Denver-Virginia events, and is followed by other unusually placed quakes, then there is need for further exploration of the nature of these strange earthquakes.

My thinking is a bit more standard, as for right now. I tend to support the possibility that these quakes are associated with the heating up of the mantel under the heavy continental body of rock we're on. The North American plate is huge and heavy, and eventually, large continental plates have to split up and start a rifting zone in the middle. Sometimes these rifts fail, and sometimes they manifest themselves into a new ocean.

There are two notable rifting zones on the North American continent. There is the Eastern California Rifting Zone that I mention often in this blog, and there is the New Madrid rifting zone in the Midwest.

Of course, Denver, Virginia and Oklahoma are far from either rifting zone, but could indicate the warming of the mantel, or the build up of some kind of strain - perhaps associated with future rifting and splitting of the continent.

Keep in mind that everything I blog here today is pure theory and not based on tested fact. I'm sharing both reasonable and wild theory, so that you are aware of what some people, including myself are thinking on.

One thing is for sure, we are in some unusual geologic times. I say that a lot.

Check out today's Oklahoma earthquake list, and the fore-quakes. I suggest monitoring the ionosphere over the next few days, and sun activity too, for peaks of activity. Make your own notes on what you observe, and share them here in the comments if you wish. That would be interesting, indeed.

y/m/d h:m:s
MAP5.62011/11/06 03:53:1035.599-96.7525.06 km ( 4 mi) E of Sparks, OK
MAP3.62011/11/05 14:36:3035.584-96.7894.94 km ( 2 mi) SE of Sparks, OK
MAP3.42011/11/05 13:42:2635.530-96.7665.09 km ( 5 mi) NW of Prague, OK
MAP3.32011/11/05 11:24:1535.521-96.7785.09 km ( 6 mi) WNW of Prague, OK
MAP3.32011/11/05 09:12:1135.591-96.7884.94 km ( 2 mi) SE of Sparks, OK
MAP2.72011/11/05 07:50:4235.559-96.7624.88 km ( 5 mi) SE of Sparks, OK
MAP2.72011/11/05 07:44:3435.488-96.7555.06 km ( 4 mi) W of Prague, OK
MAP3.42011/11/05 07:27:2035.566-96.6985.09 km ( 6 mi) N of Prague, OK
MAP4.72011/11/05 07:12:4535.553-96.7484.09 km ( 6 mi) SE of Sparks, OK

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