Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thunderstorms and Lightening Strikes Over Mojave Young Volcanos. Electrical Storm Interaction With Magma?

This week, we have had micro-quakes at some young volcanos in my area, a couple at Pipes Canyon volcano, Near Landers, Ca, and three around Covington Flats Volcano, near Black Rock Canyon in the Joshua Tree National Park. Also, for two days straight, we have had very intense thunderstorms in the area, and many of the lightening strikes seem to be very close to some of the young volcanos in the area. Is this some sort of interaction between cloud and underground magma, and does this have something to do with the ionosphere, which has been very active on and off lately? I really don't know. Just thinking on it, and taking interest in the intensity of natural events right now. Of course there are tons of theories and wild notions coming out of the New Age community about Comet Elenin being a brown dwarf star, a large planet, etc, etc. Again, I have no idea, and no comment. I prefer to stick to science, but do extend a question about thunderstorm and magma interaction, and that relationship with the ionosphere. I ask all this, with the strong wish to somehow debunk the whole HAARP hysteria too. I feel this is all nature at work, and not humankind. Nature can have her intense moments in time, and we seem to be in one of those moments.

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