Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Map of How Far and How Extensive East Coast Earthquake Was Felt

The above maps of the East Coast of the USA show how wide spread the 5.8 Virginia earthquake was felt. On the Eastern Seaboard, earthquakes are felt over a greater distance due to the nature of the bedrock and sediments, and also because the tectonic plate on which the East Coast rests is very solid. And, as one man said on CNN, the solid plate of rock rings like a bell. In California, the story is much different, because the plates are smaller, and they are divided up by numerous faults, which disrupt the vibration.

I find these maps very interesting as are the reactions of my East Coast friends, for they are not used to such movements of the ground.

Also, there has just been a 4.2 aftershock, within an hour of this writing. There will be many for about three months or so.

What is odd about this earthquake, is that there seems to be no fault in the area of the epicenter. The 5.3 earthquake in colorado is the same, not on a fault, and within 24 hours of the East Coast earthquake. That makes me scratch my head.

Also one should note that there has been a 4.1 mag earthquake at the Mammoth Lakes volcanic system. It doesn't seem to have any volcanic harmonics to it, the kind associated with moving magma. It's probably a quake associated with cracking. But I suggest keeping a close eye on the Mammoth region to see if any increased activity beyond mere micro-quakes happen.

The past 48 has been very interesting as far as earth movements go!

I think I will close the day by popping some popcorn, dimming the lights and watch the movie 2012. LOL

All images thanks to the USGS.

Here's a USGS link to one of these unusual events:

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