Monday, June 27, 2011

Rifting Zone and Crack in the Earth. New Ocean forming in Africa

This video shows a young rift in Africa, which over the next few million years will be a young narrow ocean. This closely illustrates similar dynamics with the Forming Eastern California Rift. The Sea of Cortez, a narrow finger of ocean that lies between Baja California and mainland Mexico, to the south of USA's California, is a young sea and a rifting zone. Like I've said many times, that rift actually extends north into the Imperial Valley, the Salton Trough, near Palm Springs, CA - on north through the Owen Valley and further. I believe that the young volcano system and parallel faulting in California's Joshua Tree National Park is a part of that rifting system, but one that has been twisted to form a west-east orientation instead of a north-south orientation that the rest of the rift has. Why the twist? My guesswork, and this is a guess at this point in time, is due to the lock up of the San Andreas strike slip transform fault. Anyways, gotta get to sleep, for I may have to get up early to go to the Salton Buttes volcano. She kicked off a 3.0 mag and some other smaller quakes less than 24 hours ago. The waveforms on the seismograph look like normal cracking, you know tectonics, and not volcanic harmonics. Still checking that baby out.

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