Friday, January 14, 2011

Mystery Bird Die-Off In Sonoma County - News Story - KTVU San Francisco

Nature's Co2 a possible culprit? Here's some thoughts and guesswork that I hope scientists are looking into. I do know that the USGS has taken great interest in the mass bird die offs throughout the country and the world. I don't know if they thought of measuring Co2. Here's an angle! Someone should study and measure this idea:

There are two mass bird die offs that may be in areas of Co2 emissions, due to the local geology where they died. There was a die off in Sonoma County in Northern California a few days ago, and a famous one in Arkansas earlier this month.

The birds that died in Sonoma County died near Geysers, Calif. This is an area of volcanism. There is a 'bottomless' lake in the area too, probably a volcanic pipe. In any area where there is volcanic venting, there are Co2 emissions. Volcanos spew out tons of this deadly gas every day. In fact, two ski patrolmen died at Mammoth Mountain volcano from Co2! This gas tends to settle in low laying areas, and accumulate. Around volcanos, one can often see where trees have died off. This due to too much Co2. That has also happened at Mammoth where the two men died.

One question I have - has anyone observed local trees from an airplane?

Are there tree die offs in the areas where the birds died?

Next: Has anyone gone out and measured Co2 levels where birds or trees have had died off? What are the readings?

Is there a pattern to all this?

Let's take a look at the Arkansas bird die off. Near where these birds died, is the general area of the New Madrid Rift Zone. This is thought to be a failed rift, and is very prone to strong earthquakes and sand geysers. There is some very strange geologic behavior in a large area extending from parts of Arkansas up to New Madrid. In fact there have been lot's of recent small earthquakes in Arkansas, and it seems to be more than usual recently. There have even been 4 mag earthquakes in this area during the last 12 months. Since rifting zones are areas of thinning crust, can Co2 be escaping from the depths? I associate rifting zones with volcanism, but also know that there are probably no active volcanos in the extended New Madrid zone.

All that said, it would be smart to measure Co2 levels in both areas, and take a hard look at the local geology where there are bird die offs. We may be dealing with a hidden geologic threat. We tend to downplay volcanism if there is a lack of pretty cone shaped mountains! We may be missing sleeping giants.

Check out the interesting article below.

Mystery Bird Die-Off In Sonoma County - News Story - KTVU San Francisco

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